Ph. D Advisors

In February 2020, wang shule, a researcher from the institute of geographical sciences and resources of the Chinese academy of sciences, was elected a member of the World Data System (WDS) scientific committee of the international science council.Wang is the only Chinese representative of the 13-member world data systems science committee of the international science council.
The World Data system (WDC) is an interdisciplinary organization established by the international council for science at its 29th congress in 2008.China joined WDC as early as 1988, and set up 9 discipline data centers in that year.International council for science world data system's mission is to support the long-term vision of international council for science, in the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities, and a series of subjects, as scientific data, data services, products, and provide information of assured quality and equal access to long-term management, promote abide by mutual agreement of the data standards and practices, provide promote data access mechanism, and USES the "data sharing principle" to promote its objectives.